Vidyutsallagar PVT. LTD.






Vidyutsallagar PVT. LTD. provides a wide array of services to support the power systems Pan India and Overseas since 1995.  Led by a staff of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, we provide services in Substation Design, System Planning, Field Services and Drafting.

We offer engineering services related to the design of new construction or modification of existing distribution substations, transmission breaker stations and step-down stations. We have worked with stations of voltages of 33kV and under.  We offer the following services with respect to Substation design:

  • Design the station to fit your facility requirements
  • Prepare contract documents.
  • Specify materials and equipment.
  • Coordinate the bidding process for station materials and equipment, and erection of the station.
  • Conduct site inspections during construction.
  • Approve closeout documents.

We can facilitate the specification and procurement of station materials and equipment. We have extensive experience in working with an array of industry suppliers and manufacturers for the following equipment:

  • Distribution Transformers
  • Switchboards
  • Transmission Circuit Breakers
  • Distribution Voltage Regulators
  • Distribution Circuit Breakers
  • UPS stations
  • Station Batteries
  • Protection & Coordination Equipment and Controls
  • Metering Equipment
  • Control Buildings

We can specify and prepare contract documents as well as evaluate quotations on materials and equipment.

We offer Distribution system planning services. We have extensive experience in modelling and analysis of system loads, preparation of recommendations and project costs to support forecasted growth trends. We utilizes AutoCad®, Microsoft Excel®, Dialux® and Matlab® software to conduct distribution system analysis. We offer:

  • Collection of information by discussions, drawings and site visits.

  • Study of electrical requirements and other services like telephone, data network, TV cables, and music, security system, fire protection, if required.

  • Preparation of Load calculation sheet and of design for electrical system.

  • Preparation of single line diagrams and electrical layouts for electrical equipment.

  • AutoCAD® drafting services to provide for both mapping and design needs. We can produce AutoCAD® drawings of system wide layouts, and distribution layouts.
  • Preparation of quantity estimate and cost estimate for the electrical material  based on market values (BOQ).

  • Preparation of specification sheets for selection of material and working methods.

  • Certification of bills from contractors.
  • Control of work progress and control of work quality through routine meetings.

We offer the following field services:

  • Provide work order inspections, with the necessary forms reviewed, and signed/sealed by an in-house Professional Engineer
  • Provide in depth siting information for property, GA data.

We also provide siting services for Power Utility Clients including but not limited to:

  • Reports to satisfy the requirements of State Governments.
  • Feasibility studies for proposed routes of transmission and distribution lines.
  • Survey of distribution line routes, as well as substation layouts.
  • Visual impact analysis to illustrate the visual impact of a transmission or distribution line.
  • Site and soil inspection to ensure proper placement of earthing stations.